41 Days of Prayer

February 13 - March 26


Thank you for praying for 41Days.org.  

If you need ideas on how best to pray, please find 41 ideas below:


1.  God sends us clients 

2.  More churches become involved in our ministry

3.  More volunteers to step forward

4.  Success for our Annual Workshop

5.  Current donor to give $5,000 this year

6.  Strength & Wisdom when planning events

7.  Guidance for all board members

8.  Corporate donors to step forward

9.  Five monthly givers to step forward (any amounts)

10. Better time management

11. That each client finds the help and support they need

12. Churches are more receptive to our ministry

13. Grants come forward equaling $2,000

14. A social media coordinator to volunteer their services

15. New donors come forward with $5,000 total

16. Successful community outreach

17. New fundraising ideas needed

18. Successful planning for our Annual Conference

19. Enough energy to finish all tasks

20. Open to God’s plans


21. Time to plan “Ridiculous” properly

22. Sponsors to step forward for “Ridiculous” costs

23. That we don’t become discouraged

24. That our family continues to follow God’s lead

25. God remain at the helm of 41 Days

26. The ability to always see God at work

27. That our vision remains in the forefront

28. Blessings over our volunteers

29. To never lose sight of our vision

30. Recognizing opportunities as they arise

31. Flexibility

32. That we always turn to God when making decisions

33. That we don’t rely on ourselves and abilities; but on God alone 

34. That we reach those God wants us to reach

35. 6 churches willing to donate $1,000 each

36. The willingness to change course if needed

37. Successful fall fundraiser $5,000 goal

38. A successful conference

39. That all budgetary goals are met in 2023

40. Blessings for each of our donors

41. That we always see the blessings before us and not the obstacles.