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41 Days doesn’t offer the “normal” kind of helps that other organizations provide. If you have typical needs like food, housing, utility help, etc, we can put you in touch with other services in our area that can assist. But, if you find your need to be “out of the ordinary” and everyone else has turned you down, then we are the place to turn to.

Designed to fill in the gaps where other services leave off, 41 Days caters to the unique. This, of course, looks different depending on the client and their circumstances. It may mean helping a senior citizen pay a vet bill for their beloved companion, or a divorced mom buy a computer so she can start an online certificate course to land a better job. It may also mean helping someone who has found their dream job get the tools they need to start, a new widow get her lawn taken care of for a season, or even gift a foster child on their way to college supplies for their dorm room.  

Our goal is to reach a hand out to the hurting that others have forgotten.

So, if you – or someone you know – is facing a challenge and needs a hand up please fill out our quick 5-minute application to see if we can help. 

Please be aware it can take up to two weeks to receive a response.

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