Founder’s Tree



Every Dollar Counts!

That is why we want to recognize every single donor that contributes to our ministry. Whether you give $5 or $50,000, we want you to know how much you and your gift is appreciated. Our Founder’s Tree has been designed to acknowledge every person and organization who helps 41 Days become financially secure

Donation levels will be highlighted in the following ways:

  • $5,000 or more will find your name engraved on the trunk of our tree
  • $1,000 to $4,999 will place your name on one of our branches
  • $500 - $999  to have your name placed on a large leaf
  • $100- $499 will see your name on a medium sized leaf
  • Under $100 will find your name on a smaller sized leaf

Help your church, business or organization get recognized too!

Please Note: while every individual will have their names highlighted as listed above for their contributions, group donations will be recognized separately. For instance, if multiple members of a church make donations, they will be added together to give their church, organization or business separate recognition in accordance to their giving level. So, if the congregants of a church donate $5,000 collectively, each individual will receive independent recognition and their church will also have its name engraved on the trunk of our Founder’s Tree. 

Family groups, civic groups and businesses are also welcome to donate in the manner. Just let us know so we can set up a campaign to give everyone the recognition they deserve!